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Our $100 bill business drop cards are die-cut to look so realistic that everyone will swear that they are real. If someone sees a $100 bill on the ground, it will be picked up. With the BILL-BOARD® drop card, this results in your ad being read! Fake money or not, people won’t be able to part with such a novelty.

The BILL-BOARD® is the perfect advertising tool for marketing your business, multi-level marketing (MLM), and driving traffic to your website!   But here’s the best part . . . your written ad will be on their minds for months to come! Whoever picks up a BILL-BOARD® drop card will keep it in order to try it out on someone else—talk about free and continuous marketing! Drop your cards everywhere and watch how sales pick up —now that's a sizzle card!

BILL-BOARD® drop cards are voted #1 for use in MLM! Adding a quality drop card to your marketing strategy will help you to recruit more prospects and to garner more referrals, resulting in an increase of your down-line of distributors and in your hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

Watch Your
Sales Skyrocket!

No one can resist abandoned money, they are compelled to pick it up. 

No Cold Calling!  No Rejection!

World's Greatest
Marketing Tool!

No Other Drop Card Like It On The Internet!

This Is Why You Can't Live Without Having Your Business On A BILL-BOARD! 

(Actaul Card Shown.  This is one card folded in half.)

You can find other “dollar-bill-like” cards on the Internet. But you will also find that their cards are printed on cheap stock copier paper using a low-end consumer retail ink jet printer and are cut into rectangles with a paper cutter! We’ve even found some Internet business card businesses that manipulate photos and video on their website, making you think that their rectangular-shaped card looks like our exclusive die-cut patent-pending design. But they are not die cut—the cards are being held askew to make them look as if they are!

It In

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Your Message Dominates Center Stage

It's Time To Go Ape, The Rules Of Gorilla Marketing Have Changed!

Our cash cards are guaranteed to work, but you have to do one simple thing—get them out there! It’s easy! Just drop (or place) your $100 BILL-BOARD® cards wherever you find yourself throughout the day. Do this without fail everyday and you will see results! At least once a week, set aside time specifically to drop your cards all over town—and in to the hands of everyone you see.


Customer Walk-ons!

MLM Presentations!

At Tradeshows!


Watch Your Sales Pick Up!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Only Pennies Each!
Only Pennies Each!

Increase Sales!   Increase Call Backs!   Increase Traffic To Your Website!

Get Free Shipping!

You have to make someone truly believe that the $100 card you just dropped on the ground (or handed to them) is real. Only the BILL-BOARD® has precision machine die-cut shape, exclusive to our patent-pending interlocking system. Our drop cards won’t gradually open up (like others do), exposing your ad before the “bait” has had a chance to lure in its catch!


Closed BILL-BOARD ®  shown.  Your message printed inside.

Open card shown. Each BILL-BOARD ®  order is custom printed with your message printed inside.

Each BILL-BOARD® is custom printed with your logo and message in your choice of colors. We can print your ad horizontally or vertically—you choose. Plus, exclusive to BILL-BOARD® is the copyrighted VirtualBorder©. Our marketing research has shown that this border actually adds to the overall optical illusion of the card being a real $100 bill, which is exactly what is needed to attain maximum results.

Our cards are so realistic that your prospect won't know it's fake currency until they pick it up and read your message! Now that's a powerful, effective way for you to promote your business, MLM or website.

Each Order Includes: 

- Free Color!
- Free Logo!
- Free Design!

Take the 21-Day challenge! Drop, place or hand out just 25 cards each day—wherever you may find yourself—and do it faithfully everyday for three weeks. By the end of the 21 days, you will have reached over 500 people who have read your message—and that's not counting all the people who in turn have “tricked” another person with your $100 BILL-BOARD®.   And the best part . . . due to the novelty of the BILL-BOARD®, your message (your drop-card) will be kept for months—possibly years!—to come. What other advertising medium can do that! Order your BILL-BOARD® marketing cards today and watch how your sales pick up!

If you did nothing today to "tell" someone about your business it's like standing alone in the dark - only you know your there!

Each and

Drop them, give them, place them - it doesn't matter!

Everyone picks up money and will read your sales message!  Best marketing tool you will ever use!

Our interlocking die-cut design keeps your cards closed until ready.   The will not spoil the illusion of "real money" by exposing your message when tossed or dropped.

I have ordered other money cards from the Internet ... I needed to reorder and my buddy told me about these ... I couldn't belive the difference! The BILL-BOARD® is much better quality and the kick @$# results I got because of the shape was defiantly worth the purchase!

Actual Order Shown. Each BILL-BOARD ®  order is banded in bundles as seen here.

Only The BILL-BOARD® Drop Card Has The World's First  And Only Interlocking System!

Just wait until you drop your first $100 BILL-BOARD®! It's a scream watching people's reactions the second they spot a $100 lying on the ground-priceless!

Jeff Sawyer, Promotions-USA, LLC